Vacuum/Pressure Media

Vacuum Media Filters

The most common type of media used on vacuum and pressure filters is Spunbond Polypropylene. This product has the advantage of being readily available in a wide range of effective pore sizes and, on a per metre basis, is inexpensive. It is generally excellent for many machining applications but can blind quickly in grinding or honing type processes. On very large systems, its relatively low strength and tendency to "neck" can be a problem. The structure can be adversely affected by some lubricant formulations leading to fibre swelling and media weakening.

Spunbond Polyester is a good alternative and is being used by a growing number of sites. Polyester is available in a much wider range of combinations of strength/efffective pore sizes. In comparison to Polypropylene, Polyester is stronger with greater dimensional stability. It has a greater resistance to all the components of modern coolants. It is, however, more expensive on a per metre basis, rarely giving any significant increase in "life" to compensate for the higher cost.

Where larger quantities of relatively fine dirt is involved in the filtration task, Needlefelts begin to come ito their own. Needlefelts offer real depth filtration and can achieve high levels of cleanliness coupled to low usage of media though the per metre price is significantly higher than Polypropylene. For instance, a 150gsm needlefelt, costing more than double that of a 70gsm Polypropylene, will often give 4 times the "life" of the cheaper product. This results in a lower overall cost.

Pressure Filter Media

Finally, recently introduced "High Capacity Media" are rapidly gaining ground in the large volume/fine dirt arena. These products capitalise on the ability to engineer non-woven fabrics to produce very specifc charcteristics - in this case, usually involving some sort of differential density where the media gets tighter as the coolant flows through it, removing larger particles on the upper surface and finer ones further within its structure. This optimises cake formation and leads to potentially very long life.

The choice of the appropriate filter media for any given application is quite complex and can be daunting. All the above media are available in a wide variety of "efficiencies" as well as other parameters such as strength etc. We are able to offer products in all the above classes.

Vacuum Filtration

Our Vacuum/Pressure filter media application guide, accessible by clicking the link to the left, will give some guide as to the "best fit" for many common applications but we will be happy to analyse your needs and recommend the appropriate filter product.

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